Too much for 1 day in Tuscany?


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My friend and I and our teen daughters will be travelling from Florence, probably picking up a rental car and have 1 full day (and evening - we will sleep in tuscany) to explore tuscany before going to Rome early the next day. Some things we would like to do are: 1 or 2 wine tastings (around Greve) or castle Brolio, a tour and lunch at Badia e coltibuono and the Prada outlet in Levanelle (Montevarchi). We may stay at Villa La Borghetta in Figline Valdarno. How do we accomplish this best?
We have both been to this region but want the girls to get a feel of the wine industry, the castles, the landscape and a little shopping. Many thanks, lisa p


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Day in Tuscany

Buongiorno -

I have actually stayed at Villa La Borghetta in Figline Valdarno when it first opened and found it to be lovely, quiet and close to Florence. Recently one of my colleagues at work went there for a girls day out at the spa and they had a wonderful time.

As per you itin. I suggest you pick up your car and drive down into Chianti using the via Chiantigiana. Stop at Greve (it may be a bit early for wine tasting BUT if you want ... ) you could look into visiting this one on your way into Greve, it will take you an alternative route but it is very panoramic.

After Greve, you could drive down towards Giaole in Chianti - this has another vineyard in the area that I like quite a bit and will definitely give you the idea of a small Tuscan "borgo" which I bet you and the teens will love to take photos of.

from here you can go over to Badia Coltibuono (only a 10 min drive from the above vineyard) and the flip around head north to the Villa and shopping. This itin should leave you enough time to really enjoy your accommodations as well - it would be a shame to go there and not be able to use the spa or pool area.

Buon Viaggio.