Totally overwhelmed!


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After 65 years on this earth I am finally making a trek to Itslly. My wife and I plan to do one week in Tuscany and one in the. Amalfi coast. We are planning to leave the last week in June. How do we begin with so many options. I don’t dig tourists traps and hotels. I want to experience the true Italian culture I am second generation and my family comes from Chieti.


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First of all, breathe! :D It will - and should - be fun to plan the trip and all the places you'll get to visit and see on your trip!

Tip #1 is to try to NOT fit in everything in Italy in those two weeks, even if it seems like a lot of time and distance not that great. While Italy is "small" compared to other places, you're feeling overwhelmed just by already knowing that there are a LOT of things packed in into such a small place, relatively speaking. Accept you cannot see it all, and you actually don't want to see it all, in those two weeks, since you'll enjoy everything better if you slow down and take your time. You will have to pick and choose.
Start off by thinking what you'd like to see/do by your own interests: art, history, culture, sculpture, painting, outdoors, relaxing and just sitting in the sun with a book and glass of wine??? love food and wine, would you enjoy a cooking class? guided tours or do-it-yourself visits to main attractions?
if you've started looking at what there is to see, make a list of the particular things you read about/saw pics of that attracted you and you'd like to visit in person. Once you do that, then you can start cutting down things.

I'd love to help narrow the list down - at least for the Tuscany portion, as I don't know Amalfi.
Come back and share what you've determined are some things you'd like to do, I can help suggest places to stay at, places to visit and more or less time at each place so that you can get a rough itinerary down ;-).

"See" you back soon!