Tour Tuscany in less than seven days - can it be done


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Hi Lourdes, thanks for the great information. We are visiting Italy for the first time in late July and early August and we are taking about 3 weeks to see the popular sights. We are considering renting a car from Florence and travel around Tuscany. Do we need to book accommodations before we arrive or can we just roll up to a place and see if they have a room? Alternatively, would it be better to stay in a central location and do day trips? We really want to get the feel of Tuscany and slow down a bit. We were thinking of spending 4 to 7 days in the area. Thanks for your insight :)


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About booking


travelling in August means your are travelling in probably one of the busiest times of the year for Italy- because not only are there lots of people coming into Italy (and especially Tuscany) but because the Italians are also often taking holidays in this period.

I would also add that if you book in advance it will help you plan your itinerary; knowing where you are based you can also do some research on what towns are close by, which you prefer to see, if there are any special events going on (there is always something fun in August) and what are some of the alternatives for travelling.

I am all with you about "going" with the flow, and you will certainly find some place to stay but it just seems like you are putting effort into making this a special trip, So - my suggestion is to book before hand. I suggest being more spontaneous when you are here and want to select restaurants, vineyards and even small town window shopping.

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