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I am travelling to Florence in March for my husbands 30th birthday, I understand horse and carriage rides are offered near the dumo, are you able to offer more advice on this eg costs?

Lastly, I am interested in visiting the famous sites, is it ok to buy tickets on arrival? any suggested trusted sites to use? Or to avoid queues is it best to buy in advance? I am interested in seeing the below, but I think some maybe free admission. Also are they open every day, any time? I would like to work on my itinerary so this advice would prove most useful

Piazza Della Signoria
Palazzo Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio
Galleria Degli Uffizi
Galleria Dell academi

Thanks so much in advance


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Though the prices can vary if you manage to haggle a bit (but to tell the truth they are not big on haggling!) I think you can calculate 65€ for about 30-40 minutes.

Ponte Vecchio & Piazza Signoria have no tickets and no times, they are open air sites that you can appreciate just by walking through them.

The Duomo does have a line and a ticket and it is divided into several areas each with its own entrance fee: the main church, Brunelleschi's Dome and the Bell tower.

If you know you want to see the museums - then you should book your tickets online, so you can avoid long waits in line and maximize your time in Florence.

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