Train from Florence to Pisa to Cinque Terre in one day this March?

jay little

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Is it possible in March to one day....from Florence to Pisa.....then to Cinque Terre and return to Florence by train? I've seen some trips (Viator and others) that do this starting in April....but we are visiting in March. Is it possible....and if so, can anyone give me the guidance on which trains to take?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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The tours start when there is higher request and groups will be formed. You can certainly do the trip in one day on your own, taking trains from Florence on to Cinque Terre (whether through Pisa or Lucca).
Just be aware that March is considered off season for the area so many places might seem to not have availability - it means they are likely closed. We really enjoyed the Baranin B&B in Manarola so often recommend it to others.

For train timetables, search from "Firenze - tutte le stazioni" to one of the 5 towns, such as "Manarola" - you'll see all the possibilities, with info on changes. You don't need to buy tickets ahead of time, all trains are local.