Train from Montecatini Terme


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We (group of 15) are travelling to Italy in September, staying just out of Montecatini Terme for two weeks. Whilst we plan to hire car(s), we also want to use public transport where possible. Can you please tell me how long the train trip takes from Montecatini Terme to Florence? And what about to Lucca?


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Hello there,

You can search timetables directly on the Trenitalia website here:
Click on the English flag at the top right to change language to English so that you can search more easily.

Montecatini Terme to Florence takes either 50 or 56 minutes, depends on the trains and stops they make.
Some trains to Lucca take 32 minutes, others take 55 minutes so do check which one you get on.
Taking the train whenever you can is a good idea, that way you can relax from driving.... but to Florence you definitely want to avoid driving in and then having to worry about parking - it isn't always easy to find and its expensive so train is the way to go!!