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We are arriving in Venice in June next year and plan to travel from Venice to Cinque Terra and then down to Tuscany. Having looked at train tables, there is 23 minutes to change trains in Florence to la Spezia, which concerns me.
I am thinking it would be easier to hire a car in Florence and drive to Cinque Terra, then drive back in to Tuscany and Florence.
Do you think this is feasible and how long would it take to drive from Florence to Cinque Terra?



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What are your plans after Florence and Tuscany?

Because, as you've seen, it does require you to go through Florence - and it doesn't make sense to back track coming down from Venice right away.... so my suggestion is this:

- arrive from Venice, stay in Florence and enjoy the city (no car!) and then if you were already planning to rent a car to see Tuscany, fit in CT either while you're in Tuscany or the LAST days you were planning to be here.

Are you flying back out of Venice? If you are, it makes more sense this way... if not, and you're heading south, then you can fit CT in while you're in Tuscany as a long day trip ;-) This is why I was asking what plans are for after Florence/Tuscany :D


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I totally agree with Lourdes. Do Florence first and then move over to Cinque Terre - it would make best use of your vacation time.

Check out the articles on this link for more information on how to get to Cinque Terre from Florence and how to move around once you are in Cinque Terre:

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