Train or Rental Car from Milan to Tuscany?

Ok, starting to buckle down on specifics with our August trip to Tuscany. We are flying into Milan. From there we will head directly to our Agriturismo located in the Chianti region. Wondering if we should take a train from Milan to Florence and rent a car in Florence? Or rent a car at airport and drive 4 hours to our place?

Is there a way to take a train without a reservation? When looking at ticket purchasing you're required to pick a reservation time (for the highspeed train anyway). How does that work if for whatever reason we don't make the train. Factoring in plane arriving on time, getting thru customs, taking shuttle to train station etc. Which train would you recommend that doesn't need a reservation?

Thank you!


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Ciao Rogaja,

Where are you flying in from? Since you're already planning on getting a car anyway once you're in Florence, I'd suggest to just go ahead and rent from Milan to avoid the train from the airport to the main train station and from there to Florence. As you've already seen, there are way too many variables in terms of time - factoring in some time for arrival, customs and retrieving your baggage, I'd personally go rent the car and drive rather than deal with the train changes and possibility of missing connections. The majority of the drive will be on the large "autostrada" or toll roadways up until you arrive in Florence.

If you still would prefer to take the train down to Florence, I wouldn't buy tickets ahead of time... just go straight to the station and get seats for the next available fast or fast-ish train down. You might have a short wait at the station but it frees you from worrying about making a certain train.