Train schedules and purchasing tickets


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We are flying into Malpensa in April and want to take the train to Milano Central station. We then want to take a train to Flornece. If we buy tickets in advance, must they be for a specific departure time? I am not sure when I will get out of customs at the airport so unsure of which exact train to take. Also, can the pre-purchased train ticket from Milan Central to Florence be used for a next train in case I don't get there in time for the purchased departure?
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I suggest you NOT buy tickets in advance. There are several types of trains from Milan to Florence, some are regional and slower and some are fast. All of the fast ones do require tickets for that specific train and you cannot miss it and take the next one... so I suggest just wait and buy tickets for the next train you want to take. It might mean being at the train station for half an hour for the next one, but at least you are not stressed about times and making it through baggage claim/customs to be anywhere by a certain time. There are lots of trains between Milan and Florence so you will have lots of choices - do check one you're at the ticket counter how long the train takes to get to Florence - if longer than an hour and 40 minutes, it is a slower train.

Have a great flight to Italy!