Train service in Forence - Campo di Marte station


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Hello. I will be flying into Pisa, spending a few days in Florence and then head to Siena. While in Florence, I will be staying near the Campo di Marte train station. Is it possible to catch a train in Pisa to the Campo di Marte station? Is it also possible to catch a train or bus from Campo di Marte to Siena?


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Direct train or bus


there are no direct trains from the Campo di Marte Station. They all change at the SMN station. Which is no big deal because it is just one stop over - the problem is the connections, you would do better just going over to the SMN station and catching the bus or train direct.

the orange city buses (ATAF) number 6 and number 12 should take you from the Campo dii Marte to SMN station or you could walk it (about 40 min)

The Campo di Marte does have direct trains for Arezzo and Pistoia...two great little places to visit.

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