Train Station - Bus Station near Mercatale Valdarno


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We plan to be in Mercatale Valdarno over the Easter Holiday and after. We will have a car. Can anyone advise the name of the town/village nearest Mercatale to catch a train or bus to go to Florence? Thanks.


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Train Station near Mercatale Valdarno

since you are in Mercatale Valdarno I suggest you to drive to Montevarchi (which is just 13 km from there) where you will find a train station which offers many trains to Florence. There is also a parking lot where to leave your car! Check here all the trains from Montevarchi-Terranuova to Florence: Trains Schedule . Be sure to get trains which head to Santa Maria Novella Station as it's the train stop close to the center.

I wish you a happy Easter!


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Thank you, Sara! I sincerely appreciate your response--and the schedule. We look forward to the holidays, and we wish you a Happy Easter. Will Hier