Train to Montepulciano


I am heading to Italy in a week and a half. I am stopping in Venice first then heading to 5 days to Montepulciano. I just want to make sure I am headed to the right train station. I am taking the train from Venezia St. Lucia to CHIUSI-CHIANCIANO. Is that correct? My plan was to rent a car right there at CHIUSI-CHIANCIANO.

Am I on the right track here? Is there a better way or a different train station I should be going to? From the maps it looks like Montepulciano is about a 30 minute drive from the train station.



The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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That's actually the best station to go to in the area when you want to pick up a car rental, so yes, the station is correct!!

Enjoy your time in Montepulciano and Tuscany!