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We are flying out of Amerigo Vespucci airport and have a hotel near there to spend the night before returning to the States. We will be coming back into Firenze from Cinque Terre, and wondered which train station we should use - Firenze SMN or Firenze Rifredi? It looks like Rifredi is just a bit closer to the hotel, but not by that much. We can leave Corniglia/Cinque Terre anytime - are there better times to avoid heavier traffic in Firenze?

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Which train station?

Buongiorno -

Since you will probably using a taxi to get to the hotel and then to the airport - it probably doesn't make too much of a difference. The drivers know how to maximize the streets and times. And if you have an early flight out (I know when I fly into the States I am usually flying out of Florence before the cock crows ....) - then traffic is minimal.

However I can offer that at the moment there is quite a bit of confusion/construction near the SMN train station (more than normal :) ) so if you find a time schedule that works for you then Rifreddi could be a excellent alternative.

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I was concerned about the availability of taxis at Rifredi vs. SMN, not knowing how big a a station/stop it was. I was hoping to stay as long in Cinque Terre as possible before heading to Firenze and then home. Is there a time we should plan to be there at the latest due to taxi transportation limits?

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I understand your concerns.

Personally - though I am sure you will find taxis at Rifreddi (it is an important train station) I would come into SMN - especially if you are planning on coming in late, you will ALWAYS find taxis there, and if it is late then traffic is not a problem.

Enjoy Cinque Terre.


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Just take the train that best fits your schedule to either train station.

Truth is that traffic is always pretty bad in Florence regardless (it wasn't made with cars in mind) and right now, work is going on on a new tram line near the Rifredi station as well. So you won't be able to arrive in Florence and not see traffic at any time of the day, so just be at peace with this and be prepared ;-)