Trains from Florence to Venice (return)


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Hi Folks, I am a new member so not sure if I am in the correct area, but hope you can put me right.

I am visiting Florence in September 2010 for 1 week and then moving on to Venice for 4 days. I want to travel from Florence by train to Venice but the trenitalia website will not let me view the timetables for some reason. Do I need to pre-book or can I do it at the rail station and if so which one in Florence? I would need be back at Florence airport by 13.00hrs on return to catch flight back to the U.K.

Can you advise me when I would need book train tickets if this is necessary and approximate cost, and where I ca view the timetables.



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schedules likely not online yet

Ciao Reg,

You have the right website - I think you can't see them just because Trenitalia doesn't have schedules available for September on their system yet. But schedules don't change often so it is likely you can use what you find on there as a general idea for times. I was able to get schedules for June but not for July so maybe in about 2 months you should be able to see schedules for September.

From Florence you will depart from Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station and to arrive in Venice island you need to get off in Venezia Santa Lucia (not in Venezia Mestre, that is the last stop on the mainland).

Many of the schedules coming up are with the fast trains, the Freccia Argento, and the train ride takes a little over 2 hours. A one way second class ticket is 42 euros; there seems to be a train every hour on the half hour departing from Florence and 27 minutes after the hour returning from Venice.

In any case, in my opinion, you don't need to buy your ticket ahead of time through the website. On your first day in Florence just head to the train station and buy your round trip tickets to and from Venice.... having said that, you might want to keep checking the site ahead of time because there have been several specials being offered on the new trains. In that case, you might save some € buying online ahead of time. If no offers come up, then just buy when you are here.

Have fun planning your trip in Florence and Venice and do let us know if you have any questions you want help with! :)


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Thank You Lourdes for your prompt reply.

I will keep checking the trenitalia website in a couple of months. My wife and I are really looking forward to spending time in Italy having had time in Rome and Sorrento a few years ago. We have friends, who now live in France joining us in Florence so it should be great. Once again thanks for your reply .



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Thanks so much for posting this thread. We are heading to the same location, approx the same time of year and have been worried as it showed the only trains out of Florence to Venice was around 21:00. I even looked into renting a car for the day to get me there. Whew what a relief to know there is more than 1 train a day!!!:)
Thanks again and happy travelling!!!