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We are staying in Cortona and flying out of florence at 6:45 am. Is there a train from Cortona area directly into the Florence airport?


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There are 2 train stations near Cortona: Terentola and Camucia.
The earliest train leaves the first at 5:20am, the second at 5:25am and heads toward Arezzo, where you need to change trains to continue on to Florence's SMN train station. It arrives at 6:45am at SMN. From there, you'll need to catch a taxi to the airport if you need to be there by around that time, that is the fastest way to make it.... you can see details on, the official site for train timetables.
There are no trains to the airport, the tracks don't go there.

If, on the other hand, you mean your flight leaves at 6:45am, then the best solution would be to spend the overnight before in Florence and that way all you need to do is catch a taxi to the airport to be there earlier for check-in! Definitely much more enjoyable and stress-free, which is what a vacation should be ;-)


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A night in Florence

That is one early flight! I agree with Lourdes, you will have to get up pretty early to make that flight and trains are not as frequent at that hour - besides the fact that you will have to change in Arezzo and then again in Florence.

You could look into getting a driver to pick you up and take you directly to the airport, they will probably calculate an hour and a half driving time, plus the hour you need to be there BEFORE you flight leaves. (6,45 am would mean a wake up call at 3 - 4 am?) My estimate is that the cost will be about just as much (if not a tad bit more if you want to calculate in getting up very very early) as getting a hotel and enjoying your last night floating around Florence with a lazy dinner and admiring Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio and the Duomo under the Tuscan stars.

You could ask for an estimate from for how much a driver would cost

I have used them several times and find them to be friendly and reliable (and licensed as a taxi driver).

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