Trains that allow bikes in Toscana


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I am going to Toscana in august with my husband. We have some problems finding train tickets for the trains that allow bike on board. I understand it is possible on Regional trains, but I can't find the right one on Trenitalia.
We are from Ljubljana, Slovenia and would like to go somewhere in Toscana (we are gonna plan itinerary after we have tickets). So if we want to come from Trieste (it is easyer that way, we will manage to get there) to let's say Florence there isn't any connection that allows bikes. I found some hint that we should go to Prato insted, but still no luck. The date is 15. to 31. august. Can someone help, please! :eek:

And the second question: I know that I should check for the bike train on timetables. But do you maybe know which trains take bikes on board so I don't need to check out every route?

Thank you so much for the answers!


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Ciao Katarina,

Most regional trains (ones within Tuscany) will let you bring your bike on board fully mounted, often with a wagon at front or end that has space for them. Most long distance trains - Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Intercity and IntercityNotte - will NOT let you take the bike on board fully mounted. A wheel has to be taken off and the bike has to fit in a bike bag, in the baggage areas, although if those are fully occupied, you can put the bike in more open areas as long as they don't block passage.

You HAVE to buy a special ticket for your bike for all trains - the ticket is always valid for 24 hours for the bike from the time you stamp it (right before getting on) and therefore can be valid for various train rides on the same day. You can get the bike ticket directly at the train station. For regional trains you don't need to buy tickets ahead of time, so just get yours and the one for the bikes once you're ready and need them.

This page has more info - - but it is only in Italian.

Are you planning to move around every day with your bike, using the train only when needed? Or set up somewhere as a central base and bike out from there, taking train to return? you'll want to stay somewhere with easy access to train station in the case, so that you can get back in the evenings.
I would suggest somewhere along the Pisa-Florence line or Florence-Lucca line..... such as Empoli or Montecatini or Pistoia.

The website is the only one with the info on the bikes - you have to search for the timetables, then click on the "i" sign which will say whether bikes are allowed on that train. Just doing a sample check, all trains I checked between Florence and Pisa allow bikes as do the ones in Lucca.

I'd suggest planning your itinerary based on what you want to do -- and look for train timetables after. Just keep in mind the train lines to decide where to stay.