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This is my first trip to Italy. I was able to connect with some 2nd cousins and although I'm learning Italian, I do not feel that I will be able to have any sort of extensive conversation with my family. Are there any organizations available to have a translator interpret for us over a dinner/lunch meal in the area?


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Translator Services


That is so great that you can connect with your family here!!

Have you checked to see that any of them speak English, many Italians actually speak a 2nd language quite well (though most of them downplay there skills...they are so modest :p )

If you are going to be in the Florence could check out the classified ads in the English newspaper The Florentine. I know that they are many people in the area that speak English/Italian who could be of help informally.

Buon Viaggio - and family reunion!

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I used to work as a formal translator a while back. Get in touch trough the email in my signature if you would like to discus it further. I also teach English so if i can't help you, maeby one of my advanced students would be up for it.