transport from Florence airport into the city


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My 75 year old mother and I plan to visit Florence in October. We will be flying into Florence airport (not Pisa) on a Sunday. Can anyone tell me which bus number to catch from the airport to the city centre, where to catch it from at the airport and it's main destination in Florence? How frequently does it operate? Also does it run on a Sunday?

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airport shuttle "vola in bus" does operate on Sundays

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The Florence airport is quite small. There is basically one bus from the airport to downtown Florence, it takes you to the Santa Maria Novella train station and takes about half an hour. The bus is called "Vola in bus" and costs 5 euro per person.
You can see the time schedule here - it does operate on Sundays, which are considered "holidays" as you can see by the dates. The times are about to be updated so I cannot yet see how many there are on Sundays; the other alternative is to take a taxi direct to your hotel, fare from the airport to downtown Florence is usually about 20 euros.