Transport to hotel from Station

Lyn Jenkins

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Six travellers from Rome to Florence on the train. What is the best way to get to hotel which is Borghese Art Hotel.
We then need to return to the station for a day trip to Chianti the next day and the one after that.


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Getting to your hotel


You could walk to your hotel if you up for a little excitement: cool, it is only a 15-minute trip. And there is a bus that takes you nearby, but then you have to get tickets... if you think you are going to be tired and don't want the hassle of reading the map or navigating the bus, just catch a taxi. You will probably need two - most taxis at the taxi stop do not accommodate 6 persons and their luggage.

You are planning on using the train to visit Chianti?? Are you picking up a tour there? It just sounds a bit strange because Chianti is not really accessible via train. If you are organizing your day trips on your own, you might want to have a quick browse through the repsonse I just gave to another question regarding traveling Tuscany without a car:

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