Transportation back to Florence


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We will arrive in Florence from Milan by train, pick up a car, and drive south towards Siena for our lodging.
We need to return to Florence one day to take a private guided walking tour. Should we drive all the way to Florence and find a place to park, or is it better to park along the way and take public transportation to Florence. Our house is in San Donato di Poggio.


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Parking in Florence

Buon Giorno,

Personally, I would park in Florence. I know it can seem a bit overwhelming but it really is not that bad to navigate. Make reference to this article about parking for more details about where.

I usually park in Piazza Beccaria, because I particularly like the walk from here to the city center, it is quieter, more characteristic and in the evening the road Borgo La Croce is filled with lots of new places for "apricena" or the Italian equivalent to Happy Hour.

Buon Viaggio

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