Transportation/parking to Motor GP - Mugello


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we will be coming to Mugello this year on Sunday, May 31st. We are staying approx. 20 km north of Mugello so we will be driving. Do you know what would be a better choice:

* try to drive and then walk to Mugello
* or park the car somewhere at San Piero a Sieve or Borgo San Lorenzo and get on bus?

What is the parking situation like in San Piero or Borgo?

Thank you


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao MiraP,

The Mugello is an entire valley so to better answer your questions as to how to get to the race track, I need to understand where you are staying at - 20 km north of Mugello isn't very clear to me - do you mean north of the race track itself? If that is the case, I'd suggest driving to Scarperia as far as the parking lots that are set up, then walk the rest of the way into the race track.... but if this isn't where you are staying at, then let me know so I can help further!