Travel from Florence to San Regolo, 53013 Gaiole in Chianti Sienna, Italy


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We are traveling from our hotel in Florence to San Regolo, 53013 Gaiole in Chianti Sienna, Italy for a tour of a winery. We have to get our own transportation from our hotel to this region. Can anyone help me determine the best way to travel? A private car is expensive, but if we can take a train or bus somewhere closer and THEN get a car or taxi from the train to this location, it may be less expensive for us. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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I recommend renting a car for one day!

You might be able to get there by bus from Siena - by checking
for bus from Siena to Gaiole, it seems bus 127 passes not too far from San Regolo.....

If it doesn't, you might be able to get a taxi from Gaiole.... but it is unlikely, it is a very small town.

Looking at the times..... maybe you can rent a car for just 1 day to do your trip into Chianti from Florence? Take a look at the suggestions you find here:

Chianti is definitely hard to get to without your own transportation - it isn't crossed by trains precisely because the area is agricultural (full of vineyards) and who would want to destroy the beautiful landscape? So the area is best visited with your own car....