Travel from Naples to Tuscany & Accommodations HELP!


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Hello. I'll be visiting Naples, Italy on Aug 27th for a number of days. I'm interested in an overnight trip to Tuscany. I've looked at a couple of properties on outside San Gimignano that are appealing. However, I don't know enough about the area to know the best place to lodge or the best way to travel to Tuscany and back to my hotel in Naples. I will not be driving. What are your thoughts? I'm hoping to experience the rolling hills, solitude and beauty of Tuscany yet have access to a nearby town to see the area, go to a restaurant, or visit churches. In essence, my foremost objective is to go slow and engage in the environment/community rather than be in the hustle and bustle of tourism. Secondly, safety and acceptance are concerns for me, as I'll be traveling alone on this leg of my trip as an African-American female. What should I be attentive to when traveling?

Thanks for your help!
Excitedly nervous,