Travel from Pisa Airport to Ponte a Capianno or Fececchio


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Hope to walk some of the Via de Francigena in September starting around Ponte a Capianno or Fucecchio.
However finding it difficult to find out how to get from Pisa Airport as far as either of these places via public transport.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation!



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Via Francigena


There are a few options for public transport towards either one of those starting points, they all go through the town of San Miniato.

Just an idea, but you could start your walk from San Miniato which has several interesting monuments to visit as well.

Have a look at this article, and others surrounding it.

Another starting point, easy to get to and close by, is Lucca - fabulous town, and it will go right through Ponte a Capianno and Fucecchio, ending in San Miniato where you can catch the train back to Pisa. Making it a nice round trip.

Buon Viaggio,

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Thanks for your response Donna and for the interesting links on the Via de Francigena

Still looking for the most efficient way of getting from Pisa to Ponte a Capianno or Fucecchio by public transport or perhaps it’s not possible.