Travel Plans - Rome - Florence - ?????


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Good morning all,

My girlfriend and I are embarking on a 10 night trip to Italy, whereby we'll be flying into and spending a few nights in Rome, then making our way to Florence for a couple more nights after which we're looking to rent a car and base ourselves somewhere in Tuscany before driving to Pisa and flying home.

We have everything booked bar where we're going to stay in Tuscany. Ideally we'd like somewhere with a rustic/relaxed feel, we're thinking of an Agriturismo, but would prefer somewhere that is within an easy reach of a town so we can get food and drink in the evening, so would prefer not to drive. I'm struggling to find anywhere that ticks those boxes though. Can anyone suggest somewhere?

Many thanks


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several within walking distance...

Ciao Nick,

That is a tough one - many of the agriturismo are definitely in the countryside and even if not far from the closest town, located on narrow dirt roads or on two lane country roads with NO SHOULDER for people to walk along on. So even if they are really close, some I'd still drive into town for dinner, even if just 5 min away! :)

In any case, here are ones that are definitely within walking distance to closest town:
Fattoria Viticcio
Villa il Poggiale
Residence Le Sante Marie

This is a B&B located in a small charming hilltop village, I'd definitely consider it:
Palazzo Malaspina

Then there are others that would be very lovely, with that rustic feel... but would require a car:
Podere Cunina
San Giovanni in Poggio
Villa Poggio di Gaville

Take a look, if nothing looks convincing let me know and I'll add some more ;)