traveling around Tuscany area


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My friend and I will be traveling around the Tuscany area the first of June. Tuscany will be our home base, but we have several day trips scheduled to Pisa, Florence and Venice. We are worried how we can get to these destinations easily and quickly. Is there a train station in Tuscany that can accommodate us in getting to these cities? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Uomo Grasso

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The train system in Italy is very good, especially if visiting the cities you have listed.


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As Uomo Grasso has already mentioned, the train system is the way to go!

The main towns all have faster connections to each other, with slower trains connecting smaller towns in between. You can take fast trains to Venice from Florence, with both Trenitalia as well as Italo. Take a look at both to see times and rates - here's the link for Italo:

Where in Tuscany are you staying? Because if you're not in Florence and in the countryside, you'll likely need a car.... unless you're near bus lines or the train line. If you have a car, you can drive to a nearby train station, park there, take train to Florence and from there take the fast train to Venice rather than drive into Florence. I would not recommend doing that in general, unless you're in Florence. In that case, I also recommend not driving anywhere near the historical center to avoid going down the wrong street and getting fined. Make sure to read this if you are planning to drive into Florence: and this on the ZTL: