Traveling around Tuscany in June!


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Hello! My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Italy (beginning of June) and would love some feedback on where to go/stay. We are flying into Rome the morning of June 3rd and staying until Friday morning the 6th. We are thinking of renting a car to drive from Rome to Florence (stopping at various cities and towns). We were thinking Pisa, Lucca, Montepulciano, San Gimignano, Siena, and Florence. We have until Tuesday June 10th before we go to Paris. Is this doable? We also discovered cinque terre and would love to go! Any suggestions on time frame, cities/towns, and car vs. train? Hotels vs apts? Places to eat/visit?


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With 5 days in Tuscany, I'd recommend finding a central B&B in a farmhouse or villa and doing day trips from that base, in a different direction each day. Car rental is highly recommended in this case, but whether you rent from Rome and drive up really will depend on where you end up staying so I'd say to think about that after you've booked your accommodation.

So as for where to stay, I'd say Chianti or slightly to the south of Siena as being pretty central to reach all of the places you mention. Take a look at the apartments on this page dedicated to Chianti and on this one on Val d'Orcia.

Most apartments rent by the week, but if you see some you like, you can still contact them and see whether early June has availability for shorter stays. In particular, take a look at Casolare di Libbiano and Palazzo Malaspina, which are both really central in the San Gimignano/Castellina area.

Where do you leave to Paris from: Rome or Pisa or Florence? That will really affect whether you can fit in Cinque Terre either at the beginning or end of your trip. If you have to head back to Rome, I'd cut a day from Rome when you arrive and head to CT first, then head back down into Tuscany to then head back to Rome for departure..... if you leave from Pisa or Florence, you could do it at the end, giving yourselves a full day in CT. If you're traveling by train to Paris, then you could leave CT to the end of depart from CT directly, passing through Milan (take the night train from Milan).