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My husband and I are traveling to Italy for a week (flying in and out of Rome) in November.We have both been to Rome before (he spent much longer there than I did).

As of right now, our plan is:
Day 1 (Saturday): Land in Rome around 5:00 PM
Days 2-5 (Sunday - Wednesday AM): stay in Rome
Day 5 (Wednesday): travel from Rome to Siena and then from Siena to Florence
Days 6-8 (Thursday - Saturday AM): stay in Florence through Saturday morning; leave early in the AM to make our 11:00 flight out of Rome

Is this do-able? I have read quite a few places that Siena is significantly easier to travel to from Florence, rather than Rome, but I'm not sure what makes the most sense. I also thought about going straight to Florence on Wednesday and then leaving Florence on Friday morning and traveling through Siena on the way back to Rome before spending our final night in Rome and having a much shorter trip to the airport. Or is Siena even worth it on this short of a trip?

Any and all input is welcome. Thanks!


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I can't tell from your post if you are planning on using public transport the entire time - however, I am going to assume you were thinking about eventually picking up a car. In that case,

I suggest you go directly to Florence from Rome, take the train and stay in Florence 2 days. Pick up a car and visit Siena maybe and countryside (you could do a night in the area to enjoy Val d'Orcia) and then finish up close to the Rome airport for the night (Ostia) where you can sleep and get to the airport in time with no rush the next day.

If you haven't been to the area, it is worth the would be a fast overview but it would break up seeing only the big cities.

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We were not planning on getting a car, just because we thought it might be a bit more complicated. Is that inaccurate? I thought about doing Siena as an afternoon trip from Florence on Thursday afternoon and staying in Florence Thursday night. Then, we would head back to Rome Friday afternoon and stay near the airport on Friday night. Is there anywhere to stay near the airport that is pleasant/scenic? Or will we be basically staying at a Holiday Inn Express? I'd like to have a relaxing final night in Ital