Traveling from Bari to Tuscany-plans to spend time in countryside and florence


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We are planning on driving from Bari to Tuscany Sept 18th, leaving Bari around 1pm
Do you have suggestions on how we drive- do we go through Rome, or can we travel along the eastern part of Italy along the coast. Would that take alot longer? Do you know how long the drive might be? Would we be advised to break up the drive and stay overnight along the way? (Maybe in Umbria area? ) or should we power through and just come to tuscany.

We want to end in or near sienna by Sept 19th. We want to do a few days in Tuscany and Chianti and then two days in Florence. We must be in Rome on Sept 23rd evening( we have no interest in touring in Rome)

Suggestions on where we should base ourselves in tuscany and what we could do from Sept 19-23 assuming we want to do two days in florence and some time in the countryside?



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Driving to Florence from Bari


looking at the map - as far as time goes - going along the coast or going inland takes about the same amount of time. There is so much to explore along the route ... it is hard to advise you on one over the other. Personally I would stick close to the coast, it is beautiful.

I would also suggest not to rush - plan at least two days so you can stop at one of the more picturesque seaside towns, enjoy an authentic meal, the salty breezes before heading over to Tuscany. Or you could push it a bit and arrive in Spoleto (so along the coast and then inland) stay over night there, visit Assisi/Perugia passing by Lago Trasimeno before ending up in Tuscany. This would give you a nice introduction to that area.

18 - Spoleto
19, 20 - Siena area
21 - Chianti end in Florence (drop off car)
22 - Florence
23 - Florence then go to Rome

Buon Viaggio,

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