Traveling from Florence, through Chianti and to Siena


I've been watching this forum for a week or so and very much appreciate how informative you all are for us "newbies" to Tuscany. We will be staying in Pratovecchio, where we've rented a lovely villa for the month. After a couple days rest, we plan to head to Florence for two days (one night), then take a day in Chianti country on our way to Siena for two days. Does this sound like I've allotted enough time? After Siena, I was contemplating Arezzo. If we do that, what additional sites should we say on our way back to Pratovecchio?

Do you have any recommendations for things to do/eat/see around Pratovecchio?

Thanx so much, in advance!!


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Pratovecchio in Summer


Pratovecchio is a fabulous little town in Casentino (be sure to read our articles on the castles in Casentino...all of which are no more than 15 minutes from Pratovecchio).

As for restaurants in Pratovecchio, you can find of some of my all time favorites:

4 cantoni - which literally means 4 corners (in slang) and besides decent pizza - their filled pastas are still made by the same lady (hand made) for the last 20 years. Personally I love the tortellini in a plain cream sauce with pieces of prosciutto cotto...but I encourage you to check them all out. Another great restaurant is Toscana Twist - she uses fresh ingredients - locally sourced and her menu varies almost every day...I have always enjoyed every meal there. As for a good pizza everyone tells me Officino (on the main road towards Stia) look at it you might skip right over it...but they say (its new so I haven't had a chance to check it out) that the pizza is excellent. I will give you one more which is well known for its tortelli (potato filled pasta) and ravioli (spinach and ricotta filled pasta) - "da Loris"

But to be quite honest it is hard to get a bad meal in Casentino ( I lived there for 14 years...believe I tried a fair share of the restaurants:p)

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise

PS - for the best ever gelato...the main square in Ponte a Poppi has two gelaterias...try then both!! (then tell which one you prefer)...and while you are there you can check out the little tiny restaurant that makes home made sit in the square with an awesome view of the castle...ask for the tortelli alla lastra, it is a local specialty and makes for a great snack when hot.