Traveling from Venice to Chianti and around

Donna Germuga

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We're planning to travel from Venice to Chianti by train next summer 2019.
Can you get to Chianti by train or do you have to take train to Florence and then drive from Florence to chianti.
If driving what car company/driver do you recommend?
Also, what area is good to stay in Chianti for family with adult children that is close to restaurants and shops within walking distance?

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Venice to Chianti


The train is the best way to get from Venice to Florence (at least in my opinion :cool:) The train doesn't go into the area of Chianti - but you can rent a car and with a short drive (about 30 - 40 minutes) be in the heart of the Chianti wine region. (one of my favorite routes include going to Impruneta

As for accommodations, you should have a look into Fattoria Viticcio which seems to cover all of your requirements.

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