Traveling in Greve in Chianti


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Hi, I am traveling to Italy in early September. Nine of us will arrive in Rome on September 6 through the 10th. We will take the train for a day/night in Venice on the 10th. We will then travel by train on the 11th to Florence and stay in Greve for a wedding. We will leave from Greve/Florence and return to Rome on September 14th.
The wedding will be held at San Donato a Lamole Catholic Church and then from there we will head to the villa Nozzole for the reception. There will be 11 of us in our group at that time and I am wondering what is the best way to get around while we are in Greve and for us to get to our specific destinations. Any help would be greatly appreciated since this will be my first time in Italy! Thanks, Heather


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car rental!

Ciao Heather,

How is the group planning to move from Florence to Greve? There is a bus line - the 365 - that goes from Florence to Greve. it is useful IF you're staying in Greve precisely and not in the countryside.
You can see the schedule here:
The same bus sometimes goes to Lamole and also often passes by Passo dei Pecorai, which is where the villa for the reception is at.... but none of the schedules will be good for your needs.
There are 3 buses from Greve to Lamole Monday through Saturday:
and 2 for the return trip to Greve which in no way offer a return for you once you're in Lamole, since they are in the morning!

So your best option? Since you're in the area for a few days after and need to get around to visit the area, I'd suggest car rental for the group... You can rent out of Florence, near the train station, as soon as you arrive from Venice.
Read more details here:

If there are others in the wedding party in addition to 11, you could also consider renting a mini bus for that day to take you from Greve to Lamole and then on to the villa for the reception. A friend of mine who got married in the area did that for the guests on the wedding day, so that they wouldn't have to worry about celebrating and then driving around late at night.

If that's an idea you want to to check out, these are some operating out of Florence - there are others, these were just what came up on a first search on Google.

I'd still suggest having your own means on transport for the days you are in Chianti, with return in Florence before heading on to Rome. It is the best way to see the region and the small hilltop villages. Bus service is pretty bad and limited, as you can see from the above schedule.


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traveling in Greve

Ciao Lourdes,

Thank you so much for your reply! This helps us out tremendously. We thought we would take a bus from Florence to Greve but based on your information it may not be our best option. We are staying in the town of Greve. My friend has decided to rent a bus to transport the guests to the church and villa for the wedding. So I will talk to my group today and look into car rental for the other 2 days as it seems that is the best thing to do. Again thank you! This blog has been the best source of information!


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You're very welcome! That definitely seems to be the best course of action for moving around on the other days -- unfortunately, bus service around most of Tuscany can be pretty iffy, since so many residents drive, bus service isn't great... or maybe it's because the service itself is not great that people choose to drive? It's a vicious cycle :/