Traveling to Italy on December 28th, 2016


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Family is meeting in Paris for 3 days at Christmas. We are going to Lyon for another 2 days. Then we are planning to go to Italy. We have friends in Bergamo....but we also want to go somewhere perhaps in Tuscany. We are not sure where....we have had suggestions for Castellina in Chianti and Montalcino. We also do not know if anything will be open or if there is a better suggestion at that time of year. We will be traveling around Dec. 28th and 9 days before we need to travel back to Paris to travel back to US. Should we go to Bergamo first....or at all. What is the best way to get from Lyon to Bergamo? And then we will travel to another place before traveling back to Paris to depart on Jan. 5th. So essentally any suggestions on where to travel to Italy in Dec. 28th....we have not decided -- but we could rent a car....but we don't have alot of get to and from the train better. And do we try to go to 2 places or 3? Also how long does the train take and what are the chances there is a strike. Been there when there is a strike and it is horrible. Please let me know....very undecided on what to do.


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Buongiorno -

personally I have never been to Bergamo - though it looks like a lovely little town, and will definitely have lots to see for the holidays and very picturesque in the winter months.

If you are coming direct Tuscany you may want to look at a flight into either Florence / Bologna (even if it isn't Tuscany it has a conveinent airport) / Pisa.

A train is always a possibility but you are looking at traveling for a full day, and though I didn't look at prices, the flights were averaging about 175€ per person.

I would suggest basing yourself in the city cente where you will have easy access to public transport, trains, airports and of course the beauty of Florence (Pisa, Siena or yes even Bologna :eek: ) during the holidays.

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Whether you go to Bergamo or not to visit your friends, that is up to you -- I also have not been but have a close friend who loves it, particularly the high part of the town.

In any case, around Christmas I'd suggest basing yourself in Florence or Siena. More to do, decorations and everywhere, events planned for the end of the year, good bases for doing day trips by train/bus. Also, if you do go to Bergamo, you can just use train to come down to Florence and not need to rent a car then while here.

Not sure I understand exactly which days you're in Italy - from the 28th December - 6th of January? By when do you fly back out of Paris?
If so, I'd time being in Florence for New Year's Eve, there are always musical concerts in the main piazzas (different types in each of the piazzas involved). Also on January 6, there is the Epiphany parade in Florence, very neat to see!

As for strikes, this is the official government page where they are listed:
and I don't see anything between the 20th of December and the 15th of January, so you should be ok. I'd check again closer to travel dates, since you never know... but I think you're safe for now to make plans ;-)