Traveling with Baby to Florence and need parking for 2+days


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Hi there,

My husband and I are traveling to florence with our one year old daughter and will be driving to florence from Venice. We are staying near the Santa Maria Novella station and are wondering where we should park our car.

Will we have trouble finding a place to park at the Piazalle Michelangelo? Also could we leave our car there for 2.5 days until we leave florence?

We are looking for the easiest place to park with as little distance to travel after with our baby. I have also looked at parking at the airport, or one of the other lots outside of florence (galluzzo or ponte a greve.)

Can you make a suggestion?




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I wouldn't leave the car for 2.5 days at the Piazzale - while there are many people up there, the square is often used for events and thus can be closed off to cars at any time. And with a baby and luggage, it is too far for you to walk so you would have to take the bus down. The other two places are better, but also further away.... so my recommendation is to go for the paid parking lot just off the tram on Via Sansovino - you can see it here:
It isn't too expensive overall but it is really close to the center and easy to get on the tram (which passes every 6-8 min) and takes you to Santa Maria Novella in a few stops. For your particular needs, I think it is the best solution in terms of convenience/cost.