Travelling alone


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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to travel alone. I'm looking for a place in the country which also serves vegetarian meals. What I have in mind is a rustic accomodation. Thank you in advance.


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do you have preference for a specific area of Tuscany?

Ciao frangipane,

Will you have your own means of transportation? That will be important if you want to stay in the countryside meaning outside of a city center. Most rural accommodation is not within a town. Public transportation does exist but unfortunately isn't that dependable in terms of schedules (buses don't pass often in some areas, sometimes just once or twice a day while other areas cannot be reached by train). If you're interested in a quiet setting in general, without the need to be in the countryside, you could also stay within a smaller town to get away from the city.

Siena, for example, is a city but staying there is completely different than staying in Florence. Quieter (depends on the season, as it isn't quiet in July or August when the Palio festivities are going on) than Florence for sure.

Keep in mind that many "agriturismo" offering rooms will provide meals if they also have a restaurant connected to the accommodation... so if they don't specifically say they have a restaurant, most will only offer breakfast.
As far as vegetarian meals, there are many Tuscan and Italian dishes that will fit the bill (pasta, risotto, pizza to name a few) so you shouldn't have problems with that in general.

In essence, to recommend specific places can you tell us:
- do you have a particular area in mind? is this your first time to Tuscany?
- will you have a car or not?

We'll be better able to offer suggestions after you share with us a little bit more info...... so let us know!