Travelling Florence with 4 months old baby


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Me, my wife and our 4 months old baby will be traveling to Florence in the end of July. Our plan is to fly to Venice and take a train to Florence.

Is there any special regulations traveling with babies in trains or buses or taxis? We are going to travel without baby seat and having only rucksacks and carrying the baby. Can a 4 month old baby travel in a regular taxi without special safety seat? Is there taxis having safety seats for babies?

We are also going to stay some nights in the country side in Fiosole. What would be the best way to get there from the Florence city?

Any other tips for us traveling with a small baby? We do have traveled a lot around Europe but not with a baby.

Thank you in advance.


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Ciao Eemeli,

The best method we personally found to travel with baby without stroller was with a comfortable baby carrier, such as a Tula or Boba baby carrier. We did that through airports in Europe and the US.

As parents, we were also concerned about the questions you pose: we found to our dismay that taxis here in Italy are exempt from the law requiring to have car seats. So even if you call a taxi and ask for one, they'll say they don't have any and that one isn't required.

You are supposed to carry baby on your lap, without restraints to you (so outside of the carrier). For the short distances you'll travel in a taxi, I suppose it is fine - we found them to be careful drivers and took a taxi to the airport here in Florence and back.

Trains have no seat belts at all, not even for regular passengers, so you are to just carry baby on your lap.

As far as staying the countryside near Fiesole, there are buses that run in that direction... I suggest you contact the place you're staying at directly and ask whether they offer transportation from the nearest bus to them or from/to Florence, just so that you can evaluate whether that it is a possibility and make better plans. Otherwise a taxi might be the most convenient, with baby and luggage along.