Travelling from Brittany to Florence


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Hello - does anyone know an airline that flies from Nantes to Florence? If not what route do I take by train using SNCF - when ive checked the websites for the above im being quoted horrendous prices and journeys times of 13 hours plus! (Plane and train!) - I live in Brittany and cannot believe it will take me that long to get to Florence! (Longer than travelling to the Far East!) - help please if you are in the know :)


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When we're you thinking of coming to Florence? From Nantes, the best option I found was through
Volotea but it seems they only fly from end of April and through the summer. Check out the page here:

Otherwise, AirFrance for sure is the best option but they would all have you go to Paris first, so a better option is a train to Paris and from there flight to Florence.

As far as trains go, most do take that long and most travel by night so that you can try to sleep and wake up at your destination. Every time I've traveled out of Italy to other parts of Europe by train, they have all been at night. Daytime trains might take a bit less but there are changes so in the end up being long as well.

Hope you find a solution that works for you in terms of time and budget!