travelling from Florence to Borgo San Lorenzo


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Hello to my friends in Tuscany :)

After a very quick wedding after which we had to part ways for 4 months, my husband and I are finally able to afford a 4 days off to go somewhere...and we opted for a small B&B outside of Florence :). It's called Porcigliano and its address is Via Tassaia, 46/B - Loc. Polcanto, 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo ( We are flying in from Krakow (Poland) to Florence and since we would be there only for 3 days (and we plan to spend all the days biking around this region), we decided against hiring a car. Could anyone please help us in figuring out a way to reach this place :(?

A big thank you in advance :)!




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Ciao Shristi,

You've made a good decision staying outside of Florence if you're looking to bike - the Mugello valley where Porcigliano is located is awesome for bike trips with both flat land as well as passes. Are you interested in those? What period of the year will you be here? Summer will be great for biking the passes, if you are....

As for how to get there - from the SMN train station, catch the SITA/BusItalia bus run by AMV into the Mugello. You want to take #319 - here is the schedule:
Pay attention to the top of the columns, some run Monday through Saturdays, some only Saturdays and it seems only 1 on Sundays (the one with "fest" at the top of the column). Depending on when you're here, the key below says whether it runs during the summer or not. The same schedule has times into Florence and around the area to Borgo San Lorenzo.

If you have any doubts about it, let me know!