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I would be very greateful if you can advice me about how can I get to Firenze from Milano. I will visit Milano in May and I would like to go for a day to Firenze. What is cheaper, travelling by train or by bus?
Some links to where I can see timetables and prices would be great too.

Thank you very much


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train is more convenient for a day trip

Ciao rosagold and welcome to our Forum!

Florence isn't that close to Milan so I am not sure a day trip would be enough time to travel there, see enough of the city and travel back all in a day.

In any case, most everyone recommends the train. First, because the only bus company I found that makes the trip doesn't go into Florence and drops you off on the outskirts - actually at the Firenze Certosa highway exit to be exact. You then have to catch a bus into the center of town and that would not only be inconvenient but make you waste more of your time. The ride from Milan to Florence takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes, while a bus ride from the Certosa exit to the center should take at least half an hour.

The bus obviously is cheap - I found it is 10 euros round trip from Milan to Florence. Check out the timetable for Sena bus at: There are 4 stops in Milan so one of those could be convenient for you when catching the bus out of the city.

Much more convenient and expensive in any case is the train, but at least you arrive right into the heart of Florence. That is pretty important when your time is limited. Train stations are always very central, you'll have to see whether the bus stops in Milan are convenient for you or not.

You can take advantage of Italy's new super fast trains, the Frecciarossa, which make the trip in 2 hours and 9 minutes. Second class fare is around 45 euros one-way.
There are other solutions, such as the InterCity trains, that cost less (27 euros one-way) and take longer (about 3 hours and 45 minutes on average). I guess at that point they are very similar to the bus. Check out Trenitalia's website for all timetables and fares. The link to the English version is on the upper right. Search for "Milano" for departure and "Firenze S.M.N." for arrival. On the first results page, click on the "all solutions" button on the left side, middle of the page - otherwise it only shows some of the trains. At first I was only seeing the Frecciarossa times.

If you end up choosing to take the bus, remember to post back and tell us about your experience. I am sure you are not the only one looking into this as a possibility for moving around when visiting Italy!

Feel free to post any additional questions or doubts, I'll try to be as useful as I can :).


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Thank you very much!

Ciao Lourdes

and thank you very much for you very kind and detailed reply.

Actually I am going to a Rose Trial in Monza but will stay in Milano for 5 days. I and my travel partner thought that would be nice to go to Firenze to visit the Ufizi Museum.
Thank you for the links, I will look carefully and will let you know what I have decided.

It will be my first visit to your lovely country so I hope that I can have your help if I have further questions.

I have read about the terrible earthquake, it is very sad and I want to say that I feel so sorry for all those people.


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bus from milan to florence

Rosagold, Did you take the bus from Milan to Florence? I am interested in this bus to and from Milan and Florence in September. I have not been able to find any information about the location of the bus stop in Florence (Firenze Certosa, CaselloA1) and how to get from that stop into the center of the city. Will there be a bus there to go into the city (and back) and do they run frequently? Thank you!


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ATAF bus 37 takes you into downtown Florence

Ciao Jane,

I am not sure where the bus from Milano drops people off but I am sure it can't be right on the roundabout right as you exit the A1 freeway. I would think it is along the road that takes you into Florence.

I've copied a map from the ATAF website that shows bus #37 passes right through that road and the two closest bus stops (one is Senese 28 and the other Le Rose 02, the blue line is the route the bus takes). You can see the green roundabout right outside the Certosa exit. You take this bus all the way into Florence's historical center. The bus ends at Piazza Santa Maria Novella but you can get off at any stop after you've crossed the Arno river.

You can view the schedule for bus 37 here (click on the name of the stop to see complete times) and you can also buy tickets on the bus from the driver when you first arrive, although it will be better to get tickets from a bar or news stand afterward (cost less). There are generally at least 3 buses every hour:

If you end up taking the bus from Milano, please do come back and tell us how the whole trip goes and where the bus stop is at the Certosa exit :).


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Bus to Florence

Lourdes, Thank you so much. Your information was SO helpful and appreciated very much. I will definately write back and tell you how it goes when I return (Sept. 25). I think with all the great detail you provided me, that it will work out perfectly. Jane:):):)