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My husband and I will be visiting friends in Wiesbaden, Germany from October 18-22, 2013. Our plan is to then fly to Rome and from Rome go to Tuscany area from Oct. 22-26 then back to Rome for a day or two before heading back to USA. I realize this is not much time to spend in Tuscany but this is all we have. This our first time traveling outside of USA, so I am needing some advice. First is it advisable to rent a car and drive from Rome to Tuscany? This would be our preferred way to travel if possible. Second, since we will not be spending an entire week are we very limited to B&B's and hotels or can we try to stay in one of the farmhouses or winery's suggested on this site? Has anyone had experience with just a few days in Tuscany? I would love to see the countryside and do some wine tasting and visit some shops. Any advice on lodging would be appreciated. We prefer a room with private bathroom.


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Ciao Teench,

Yes, if you're up for driving here, then a car is the best way to move around the region and see all of the small towns not often reached by either bus or train.
Take a look for more tips and start a search here: driving in Tuscany

October is a great month - no longer high season but temps still quite good overall. It also means that the farmhouses that require weekly rentals in the high season will offer the possibility of shorter stays, usually with a few minimum nights such as 3 so you'd be fine.
But in any case, there are many farmhouses and villas that offer daily stays as well, with room and breakfast in the mornings so essentially working as B&Bs. So don't assume anything by the name (aside from hotels).

So start planning your days according to 7 days in Tuscany or this one 5 days in Tuscany.
If you want to stay at a wine estate, take a look at one of these:
Agriturismo Frascole
Fattoria il Lago
Fattoria Viticcio
Romitorio di Serelle

but also consider these:
Podere Cunina
San Giovanni in Poggio
Podere Casanova

There are so many options... they would all be fine for basing yourselves and then doing day trips.
Just giving you a taste, let me know if you have any more questions as far as the itinerary and accommodation :)


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Another question

Lourdes, thank you so much. I am wondering if you have hears d of Cavarchino in Chianti?