Trying to Help My Parents Plan Their First Italy Trip


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Hello --- my parents have been talking about it for years and I just want to help them. They are not good travelers or planners, but when they arrive somewhere they are so happy and instantly fall in love with their surroundings. I think they will really love Tuscany for the scenery, food, wine, people, lush landscape, vineyards etc. They are ok on foot, but I don't want them to be walking too much as they are getting older and it will wear them out. I 'm thinking they need to visit for 2 weeks to get the most out of Italy, but again I want them to relax, enjoy and not get too worn out with a rigorous schedule, too many stairs or walking. Budget is a factor too, however i don't want my mom cooking the whole time she's there --- I want her to experience real italian food (not that hers isn't amazing). Obviously they would be looking for quality and value --- not necessarily high-high end, but not slumming it either. My perfect picture for them would be a week in tuscany (possibly split between 2 properties) and maybe a week somewhere else that would include a few nights in florence or somewhere a little more buzzy. A property with a chef for a few days would be amazing --- would love it if they could be in/near a small village with markets, shops local restaurants. I would love for them to be able to take relaxing day trips to vineyards for tastings of wine, olives, cheeses, cured meats etc. If anyone has any suggestions on how to best immerse them in italy I would be greatly appreciative. Would love to start sharing ideas with them and get an itinerary going. Also --- can anyone give insight into best times to visit? Hoping maybe I could convince them to go this Sept or October. Thank you very much! Chris