Tuscan Accommodation - Recommendations

Karen M

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Hello - we’re looking to visit Tuscany in early September, having probably explored Florence first for 3 days beforehand, could you recommend a central place as a good base where we can get to visit a few more towns over about 5 days?
We’d quite like to stay in a farmhouse with a pool.
Presumably a car would be required?
Thank you


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Yes, once you head out of Florence and want to stay at a farmhouse in the countryside, a car would definitely be very practical. Otherwise you are limited in options, having to stay closer to a town with train or bus connections.

If you'll get the car, you have lots of choices - take a look at ones we have reviewed here -- Chianti is the most central place, as well as very scenic: http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/chianti-farmhouses/