Tuscan events September 2018.


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Hi everyone.

WE are basing ourselves in Florence from 10th to 18th September 2018. WE are trying to find out what events, particularly folklore and medieval festivals and markets are on during that time but everything online seems to be related to 2017 and hasn't been updated for 2018...even though we are halfway through the year.

We'd LOVE to know what special events there are between 1oth and 18th September THIS YEAR.
Many thanks


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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HAHAHA!! Yes, the events page for September (and other months) will remain showing events for 2017 to give everyone a general idea of what is generally taking place that month but actual confirmation of specific dates for this year is about 1-2 months prior. Unfortunately, most events do not have confirmed dates ahead of those time frames, even if they recur every single year for the last 20 years! It is frustrating even for us as we try to update as soon as we can but most won't.
So for now, take the events on there as an indication, and wait until closer to your time in Tuscany to reconfirm on dates.
Hi Lourdes - we're staying near Vinci from 25.09 to 06.10 this year - can you tell me which festival this picture refers to, or is it just a generic image - I do love a bit of archery !


thank you