Tuscan flowers in May


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Dear Lourdes,

Your articles are really informative!! Thank you!

I will be in Tuscany mid-May to first week of June. I would love to photograph flowers and was planning to visit Pisa, Florence, Siena, Montalcino, Montepulciano, San Gimigano. Can I find the red poppies and other flowers noted in this article, in any of these places? When is the best time please?

It looks like these flowers are all in Maremma and I didn't plan to go that far -- that said, is it a must visit area for other reasons too?

Is it possible to DM you for any questions? Thank you!!


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You will need a car so that you can drive around and stop when you want, when you see fields in bloom. You will see flowers all over the region so there is no need to go down into Maremma to see blooimng flowers like the ones in that post (it does make you want to roam the area in May though! :) Maremma is beautiful and is a must visit area if you've already covered the other places first, it is a bit wider and requires time, there are less "art" cities in it and you go more for the natural area). The hard part is really telling you where because in reality the flowers generally bloom wild and are not planted. But with a car, you can explore and stop when you want.

As that article notes, sunflowers come later, in June and July... so expect to find poppies and other flowers, including wisteria.


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Flowers in Tuscany


Lourdes has a point, you don't need to go too far to an array of colorful wildflowers in May.

My Mom came to visit me last May, and one of her best memories were all the wildflowers. She loved the colors and variation.

You could look towards the parks and natural reserves which will definitely have a great selection.


Another article which could be helpful (though it speaks of fall): these are national parks and they definitely explode with exciting colors in spring.


Buon Viaggio,

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