Tuscan roads in January


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I will be visiting the Tuscany region in January (between 6th to 12th) and plan to rent a car at Florence Airport and drive to Chianti region, Siena, Arezzo and San Gimignano before returning to spend a few days in Florence.

If anyone has any local knowledge about road conditions (whether it will be icy, snowy, wet, etc.) during this period will be helpful to me. I have been to Italy a couple of time but have never driven on my own. First time so need any advice I can get.

Also, if you know of any interesting event or festival at any of the above towns or cities on these few days, please do share with me.

Thank you.


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roads in January

Buongiorno Peter,

The weather conditions are so variable, it really is hard to tell what you will experience on the road. But as a general rule of thumb, know that the mornings and twilight have the most potential for hidden ice on the roads. Most roads are well taken care of and will be plowed in case of snow and salted in case of ice.

The main highways are always well-taken care - unless we have a blizzard, and then you just have to wait it out :cool: preferably at a vineyard ;)

As for activities, you should know that January 6th is a national holiday, it is called the Befana and besides being a fun-filled day, especially for the little ones, it is the "official" end of the holiday season. I suggest that you check out our January calendar of events for Tuscany and for Florence, it will be updated again as we get closer to December, but many of the events occur every year - the dates just slide a bit.

Here are a few other articles that offer suggestions for the month of January:


Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise