Tuscan Villa, Cooking & Wine Itinerary & Recommendations

Lisa in TX

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A friend and I are planning an October trip to Tuscany and would like to stay in a Tuscan villa, participate in some hands-on cooking classes, visit wineries and medieval Tuscan towns. Some of the towns that we would like to visit are Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Arezzo, Chianti. We have been to Rome, Florence & Venice on previous trips, are there any other towns that you would recommend? We are planning to rent a car for driving around Tuscany. What are your recommendations on where to stay that will be centrally located? Suggestions for cooking classes and a general itinerary are also welcome.
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Pro Loco Sovicille

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Buongiorno, you could choose Sovicille as a base which is a small, cute, medieval village surrounded by fields and beautiful landscapes. Sovicille is at only 15kms from Siena so you could reach it in a few minutes by car. Moreover it is at 30 kms from Castellina in Chianti, at 44 kms from San Gimignano, at 76 kms from Montepulciano, at 77 kms from Arezzo and at 120 kms from Lucca. There are several cooking classes that you could book. If you want more information, get in touch! info@prolocosovicille.it


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Cooking lessons and Tuscany


Great combination!

Have a look at Borgo Argenina and Casolare Libbiano

They are both B&B's with a great cooking class

Or you could check out this agriturismo with a good wine tasting

In any case, Lucca is the only destination that you mention that is a bit further out (definitely worth it though!!)
So any place around Castellina in Chianti and that area would be an excellent choice. It keeps you central for going to Arezzo (one of my favorite cities), Siena, Montalcino and San Gimignano.

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