Tuscany countryside without a car


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Hi All, this will be my first time in Tuscany and I'm trying to figure out where best to stay in the countryside. I will be spending 3 nights in florence before heading somewhere for 3 more nights without a car. However, I don't plan to move around too much, just enjoy the countryside views and if possible day time visits into a near by town to eat, drink coffee and stroll. Any suggestions for this single 33 year old (to be)male would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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"to be" in Tuscany


Siena is a pretty nice destination - and there is so much you can do with public transport and just recently I went to a wine tasting (within walking distance) AND I did a piece of the Via Francigena.

Lucca is also another great place, easy access with the train and lots to do in and around the city. The small town - yet active and very local community make it an interesting place for a just people watching.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise