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We want to take day trips from San Vincenzo with a car. I have investigated 4 trips and would like your opinion.

Trip 1: Travel to San Gimignano through Volterra and spend time in both cities.

Trip 2: Travel to Montalcino stopping at Campagnatico

Trip 3: Travel to Suvereto and cross over to Massa Marttima and back on SR 439 to SS1 making a loop.

Trip 4: Travel to Monticiano and go to the Petriolo Hot Springs.

We have 2 days set aside for a car trip into the hill country. Which one of the four do you think would be the nicest. It is our 1st time in Italy.


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great area to explore!

Ciao Lewfrye!

Since it is your first time in italy, I definitely say you cannot leave trip 1 out of the equation! you have to see both San Gimignano and Volterra.

The other day I'd recommend trip 3 or 4, depending on how far you want to go...
I wouldn't do both day trips back to back, put a day in San Vincenzo and the nearby area in the middle. Make sure to visit Castagneto Carducci and Bolgeri and Populonia in the area... maybe I'd go for trip 3 to still keep you close - if you really want to do the hot springs, then make sure to go to Monticiano and see the sword in the stone at San Galgano first, since after the hot springs you might be a little stinky with sulphur ;-)