tuscany for 5 days


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my friends and i are travelling tuscany on jul 8-12. we will be base in florence.
and we wont have any car to move around. so we would like to know the
recent bus and train schedule around tuscany. because we are planning to see
lucca, pisa, siena, chianti.

thank you very much
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Ciao Faith,

You can easily visit Pisa and Lucca from Florence by train - check timetables on www.trenitalia.com

Siena is best reached by bus, you can check timetables here.

Now, the hard part to explore without a car is Chianti because it is an entire region dedicated to wine and therefore not crossed by train tracks.
You can take bus line 365 run by ACV from Florence to Greve and Panzano but Radda and Castellina are not reached with this same bus. In any case, bus 365 would be perfect for reaching Greve and doing wine tastings along the way - see this post about the wineries right before Greve.