tuscany in 2 days ---helppp


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we are planning a 2 day trip to Tuscany in the month of march. want to see the Tuscan country side the wine regions. my plan is to see chianti , montepulciano, lucca ,pisa. can I take a train to Tuscany from rome? where should I be based if I have to see the most of Tuscany in these 2 days. we will be hiring a car in Tuscany. we will be heading to Florence on the second day ,spending 2 days in Florence .



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Ciao Thomas,

2 days to see all of Tuscany will not be enough to see all that you've listed, unfortunately. Lucca and Pisa are to the far western part of the region, while Chianti is central and Montepulciano is in southern Tuscany.

Are you arriving in Rome? You could take the train up north to Chiusi and rent a car from there and then drive to Montepulciano, driving west to Pienza, San Quirico and Montalcino. This would have you driving through 2 different wine regions. Then on the second day you head north to Siena for all morning and lunch, then onto Chianti in the afternoon and evening. The next day you drive into Florence where you can return the car since you won't need it anymore. That way there is no backtracking and you make the most of your time.

So I'd recommend looking for spending 1 night in the area around Val d'Orcia and another night in Chianti.
I'd suggest this one in San Quirico d'Orcia and this one or this one in Chianti.

2 days in Florence are required! Do you need recommendations for Florence too?